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Spanking Line Art: Sep 20, 2020

Drawings of caned cuties.

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Links to Other Blog: Sep 15, 2020

Here are links to a few recent posts on the possibility of disputed results in upcoming 2020 presidential election in USA.

Will the “Winner” of 2020 Presidential Election be Seen as Legitimate?

Things don’t look better if Trump wins, either. For starters, he is almost guaranteed to lose the popular vote, even if he wins the electoral college. What happens if his “wins” in swing states are due to massive rejections and legal challenges of mail-in ballots? Do you think they will see him as a legitimate president, especially if he “wins” the electoral college under such circumstances? To be fair, many never saw him as a legitimate president in first place- even if they grudgingly accepted his electoral college victory in 2016. What happens if even that becomes controversial in 2020? What happens if Trump is declared as the “winner” under very shady conditions? What recourse do Democrats have? Will there be even more street protest, widespread and prolonged rioting, possible armed encounters between them and armed MAGA types?

What Happens if Neither Trump Nor Biden Concede After 2020 Election?

So what happens if neither Trump or Biden win decisively on election night and tons of mail-in ballots have yet to be counted? Or what if Trump wins decisively on election night but there are still many uncounted mail-in ballots? What happens if there are dozens or ,maybe, hundreds of parades by pro-Trump armed militias that converge on vote counting or storage locations? Do you think the local police forces will intervene? What happens if more than a few vote counting locations are set on fire or otherwise trashed by armed mobs of Trump supporters? What if they are met by mobs of Democratic party supporters? Remember that this is far more likely to occur in swing states such as FL, WI, MI ec than ‘blue states’ such as CA, NY or MA. At what point will either side relent and accept that they have lost? Or will they never admit?

Do Democrats Have a Plan if Election Has Uncertain or Disputed Result?

And it gets worse.. what if there is a dramatic uptick in violent and lethal confrontations between AntiFa types and right-wing armed vigilantes of the type we saw in Kenosha and Portland within last few days? What happens if armed vigilantes target voting stations during early voting or on election day? Don’t believe it can’t happen in USA? Maybe.. that was the case in pre-2016 era, but it is certainly no longer true.. especially in the highly polarized and nihilistic socio-political environment of late-2020. There are too many angry, unhappy, tired, desperate people without any good prospects for future who will become enthusiastic foot-soldiers for extremist political movement at either end of political spectrum. Remember that all of this has occurred before during 1920s and early-1930s in aftermath of WW1 and the Great Depression.


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Spanking Line Art: Sep 14, 2020

Drawings of spanked cuties.

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Spanking Line Art: Sep 11, 2020

Drawings of cuties getting spanked.

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2D Spanking Toons: Aug 16, 2020

2D art of cuties getting spanked.

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Beach Cuties with Sunglasses: Aug 8, 2020

Beach cuties wearing only sunglasses.

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Beach Cuties with Sunglasses: Aug 3, 2020

Beach cuties wearing only sunglasses.

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Links to Other Blog: Jul 27, 2020

Here are links to a few more recent posts on the COVID-19 pandemic in USA.

Case Fatality Rates for COVID-19 are Now Decreasing Across the World

Clearly, something big has changed. Perhaps we are testing for it more widely, the median age of cases is lower, maybe our symptomatic treatment regimes have gotten better or the virus have mutated into a less lethal version. It could also be a combination. But whichever way you look at it, the Case Fatality Rate (CFR) for COVID-19 has dropped considerably over past month in that country. And yes.. I did factor in the 1-2 week lag between diagnosis and adverse outcomes. Moving on to this country, we see a similar trend. While there has been a huge spike in number of people diagnosed with COVID-19 over past few weeks, number of people admitted to hospital (most are not in ICUs) has increased very modestly while number of deaths keep on declining. Once again, a number of things might have changed- lower median age of cases, better medical management, newer virus strains being less lethal etc. But once again, it is hard to ignore that the Case Fatality Rate (CFR) has COVID-19 has gone down considerably in past few months.

Why Forcing People to Wear Face Masks is an Incredibly Stupid Idea

And there is the other big question.. what happens if COVID-19 does not disappear in spite of forced mask laws and shutdowns? The so-called “elites” have tried to sell these measures as a guaranteed pathway to eliminate the disease, but have they even considered how most people will react if the promised end to new infections does not occur, in spite of these measures. Who are they going to blame? More importantly, will the already desperate and impoverished public care about their latest round of excuses? Sustained real unemployment rates about 20% seldom lead to a nice and orderly outcome, to put it mildly. Finally, there is the issue of symbolism. Will retail and service sector business (employing numerical majority of population) go back to normal if everyone is wearing face masks a few months from now? Aren’t they a very visible reminder that things are not normal? Do you think that shops and malls are going to previous levels of commercial activity? What about restaurants and bars?

On the Many Potential Real-Life Problems with Any COVID-19 Vaccine

Distributing the vaccine, even if effective will however pose quite a few problems. For starters, who do you vaccinate first- the groups most likely to die from infection or those most likely to transmit it? How do you vaccinate hundreds of millions in a very short time without a huge number of people ending up in hospitals due to side-effects, even if temporary. And what are you going to do about all the people who would rather wait and see what happens to initial bunch of vaccine recipients? What if there is a large wave of hospitalizations from first widespread use of whichever COVID-19 vaccine ends up being approved. Remember even a 2% incidence of severe reactions is a large number once you are talking about millions of recipients. How will you convince people to keep getting vaccinated if initial use of COVID-19 vaccine causes tens of thousands of hospitalizations? This is especially likely for mRNA-based vaccine such as those being developed by Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech. Then there are issues of efficacy. What if the approved vaccines prove to be only 80-90% effective.


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Amateur BJs: Jul 16, 2020

Amateur cuties stuffing their cheeks.

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Amateur Topless Beach Cuties: Jul 6, 2020

Busty amateur cuties sitting on the beach.

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