Links to Other Blog: Feb 18, 2022

Here are links to some posts on the other ‘Safe-for-Work’ Blog.

The Thylacine aka Tasmanian Tiger is Probably Still Around in Tasmania

Tasmania is a reasonably large island (almost as large as Sri Lanka, Hispaniola or Hokkaido) and most of it is very sparsely populated. Over 70% of 530-540k people on that island live in five metropolitan areas with two accounting for over 50%. This is another way of saying that many parts of the island are pretty wild and seldom visited by human beings.

Human Faces and Figures are Curiously Absent from Paleolithic Cave Art

And yet, there is one animal which is almost completely missing from these elaborate and often colored sketches. Almost every single of the very sparse representations of human beings in cave art take the form of very basic stick figures, something resembling a man or woman wearing animal skins or some truly weird ‘grey alien’ like creatures. But why is that so?

Floor of Persian Gulf Likely Contains Remains of the First Human Proto-Cities

Consider the Persian Gulf. Today, it is just a shallow extension of Indian Ocean. But as late as even 9000 BC, a pretty large part of it was above water. But how was the climate in that area during late ice age? Based on currently available evidence, it appears to have been a low-lying plain with multiple rivers draining it. The region was also noticeably cooler and wetter than today.


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