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Here are links to some posts on the other ‘Safe-for-Work’ Blog.

Part 1: ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and Machine Learning are Overhyped Scams

The computational power required for performing certain parts of the task such as staying within defined lanes, maintaining a safe distance from vehicles in front etc are trivial and standard features in many cars. And yet, even after spending many tens of billions, the best they have achieved is prototypes of self-driving taxis and buses restricted to low speeds on well-defined routes in developed countries. So the best self-driving car has worse real world performance than an average guy getting a blowjob while driving.

Part 2: ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and Machine Learning are Overhyped Scams

There is also a significant component of subjectivity necessary to make decisions about diagnosis and treatment. Here is an example: is a mildly agitated patient with depressive symptoms a good candidate for addition of anti-psychotics or not. Hint: in most cases, the answer is NO and such polypharmacy will cause more problems than it allegedly solves, but there are exceptions. Or is a frail 70-something person with ejection fraction less than 30% a good candidate for surgical intervention. There is no good and clear answer to this and many other questions in medicine.

Part 3: ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and Machine Learning are Overhyped Scams

Now ask yourself- for every hundred high quality photo of a slim model nude woman without clear skin and no tanlines in classical modeling poses how many photos exist of somewhat chunky but still attractive women with normal levels of skin blemishes and uncoiffed hair who has an asymmetric tattoo? Do you see the point I am trying to make? Any “AI” model that is trained to draw nude women will inevitably end up generating the image of a generic but still attractive woman, rather than one who looks a bit imperfect.

Forced Adoption of “Smart” Technology and Devices Will Contribute to Decline of West

The point I am trying to make is that all this excessive complexity, which bureaucrats and other cretins in the West are enamored with, has not increased the performance or reliability of devices and appliances from streetlights and cars to refrigerators and TVs to anywhere near the point where that investment in complexity is worth. Instead, this bullshit drive has left the West with increasingly fragile and unreliable technology. Let me remind everyone that electric and diesel engines for trains replaced steam once they often better and more reliable performance at a lower cost.


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