Links to Other Blog: Jun 28, 2023

Here are links to some posts on the other ‘Safe-for-Work’ Blog.

Why Western Corporations are Susceptible to SJW-ism Type Bullshit

Most corporations and institutions in the Anglosphere are now full of beetle-men and women, careerists and other other assorted human parasites. They have no interest in any real reform of the status quo as such a change would destroy the purported reason for their existence. They therefore try to be relevant and cover their parasitic lifestyle by backing bullshit ideas such as “diversity”, LGBTQ+” and “Critical Race Theory”.

Economic and Cultural Factors Behind the Rise of Instagram Thots

To make matters more interesting.. the conspicuous consumption patterns for Thots with less than 2k followers are very similar to those with more than 100k. In other words, something else is at work. Some might think that they are working as escorts on the side or they have a sugar daddy. Well.. based on what I know about escorts, most of them do not want to be recognized as such in real life. The sugar daddy angle is certainly possible. But, once again, I think something else is at work.

Weak Men Facilitate the Delusions of Women

Or take how men pretend, at least in public, that hitting a woman is always wrong. While unprovoked assaults are hard to defend, those are rather uncommon- even in highly dysfunctional relationships. Let us just say that the vast majority of physical altercations among couples are not spontaneous outbursts of “toxic masculinity”. But ask any guy, especially a white guy, in public and he will almost always mouth some bullshit about how hitting women is always wrong.


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