Links to Other Blog: Aug 27, 2023

Here are links to some posts on the other ‘Safe-for-Work’ Blog.

Why do Dumb Liberal Fads Spread so Quickly in Blue States and Cities?

The self-anointed liberals of today are therefore best understood as the most current incarnation of the conformist midwits who would have enthusiastically joined the Nazi party in 1930-era Germany. It is not about, and never was about, that ideology or any other. It is about mediocre conformist midwits who lack any strong personal identity adopting any belief system which appears fashionable and provides meaning to their otherwise empty existence.

Oppenheimer Would Not have Been Selected to Head the Manhattan Project Today

He certainly had a curious preference for troubled and emotionally damaged women- including the two most well known women in his life, namely Jean Tatlock and his future wife Katherine “Kitty” Oppenheimer. Read a bit about them to understand what I am talking about- suffice to say that the first had mental issues in addition to being bisexual and Kitty was a high functioning alcoholic. And there were more. In 2023, Oppenheimer would have been the target of multiple “MeToo” accusations and prosecutions.

Most Men and Women Under Fifty in Western Countries are Going to Die Alone

Why does anybody expect that men who have been repeatedly burned in everything from dating, relationships, marriage, parenthood will keep playing the rigged game given that they have no chance of even a modest success? While there is no shortage of optimists in their 20s.. the charade starts becoming exhausting and frustrating to the point where people start to stop playing it- not unlike how a poorly designed game will lose keep losing players regardless of the size of its marketing budget.


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