Links to Other Blog: Oct 9, 2023

Here are links to some posts on the other ‘Safe-for-Work’ Blog.

When did a Thick Booty Become Trendy Among White Instagram Thots?

It is hard to open Instagram, TikTok or any photo/video heavy social media site and not come across a large number of white female models with often very obviously enhanced behinds. In fact, almost every single white or passing for white model willing to show skin on Instagram has a booty. While not every model is going ‘full Kim Kardashian’ and getting massive and obvious butt implants and fat transfer, it is hard to ignore that there has been a huge shift in what is publicly accepted as sexy in “white culture”.

How and When did Hitler Become Anti-Semitic?

As some of you know, he immediately joined the Bavarian Army after the conflict which became WW1 was declared. One his superiors, Hugo Gutman, who recommended him for the Iron Cross First Class was Jewish. Moreover the German Army in WW1 had a decent percentage of Jewish soldiers (linked to their percentage in population). Any yet, almost nobody who knew him in all those years remembered him for being stridently anti-Semitic. Those who served with him remember him for being a bit aloof, brave, patriotic, anti-communist etc. Don’t you find that a little bit odd?

Groomers, Many Grifters and the Mentally Ill

That is why LGBTQ-whatever promoters are interested in kids. It is about sexually getting off from their interactions with children with the faint hope that they can fuck some of these gender-confused converts in the future. If you think that this accusation is too harsh, I encourage you to come up with an alternative hypothesis for why these loud sexual exhibitionists are so interested in kids. Note that the vast majority of normal exhibitionists and those into alternative sexual stuff such as swinging, BDSM and much more have zero interest in exposing kids to their sexual interests.


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