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Here are links to some posts on the other ‘Safe-for-Work’ Blog.

Are Many Parts of UK Now Experiencing Serious and Accelerating Urban Decay?

Once you start searching for similar content, an interesting pattern becomes evident. It seems that there are other similar channels on YouTube documenting the slow decay of many other towns and cities in UK. While the ambience of many of these places is similar to what we see in ‘Rust Belt’ cities and towns in USA, it is important to note that things started getting really bad only after 2010-2012.

Comparing Income and GDP Across Countries in US Dollars is Detached from Reality

Comparing quality of life and power in the world in USD (or other west-European currencies) was feasible only as long as they were the sole or main providers of such material goods and services. As you know, that is simply not the case today. Most of what you consider high-tech and necessary for a high quality of life (from computers and smart phones to chemicals for making drugs and other useful stuff) is no longer made exclusively in the west- IF they were made there in the first place.

Why has Creativity in Arts Mostly Disappeared over the Past Two Decades?

Explanations have ranged from aging populations, social media, YouTube, TikTok, Netflix’s business model etc. While many explanations have a grain of reality to them, none can explain the loss of creativity in multiple areas of the arts. For example- NetFlix’s business model has definitely hurt mid-budget movies and HBO, they are certainly not responsible for the lackluster video game “content” coming out of big video game studios. Indeed many video games released in the past few years are actually inferior to their prequels released a decade or more ago.

Recent Hamas Attack on Israel was Tactical and Strategic Genius

The reaction of Israelis (especially their political and military leaders) to this attack exposes that country as an insipid version of Nazi Germany. In some ways, this is one of most consequential and important effects of the Hamas attack and becomes even more relevant as younger generations all around the world, but especially in West, do not see Israel as a normal country. Exposing the Zionist mindset as ethno-supremacist genocidal in the age of social media is a stroke of genius.


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