Links to Other Blog: Dec 25, 2023

Here are links to some posts on the other ‘Safe-for-Work’ Blog.

How Would 9/11 Play Out in Social Media Age?

Not only do we have multiple social media platforms with their specializations (photos, videos, clips etc) but a whole army of “influencers” and other assorted dipshits who would try to monetize and amplify every aspect of such an event. In other words, an event of this magnitude occurring today might end up being even more influential and “big” than 9/11. And it does not have to be a terrorist attack. Even a somewhat unexpected natural disaster could have the same or larger impact.

Democracy in Western Countries has Failed
Today your standard elected representative in any western democracy looks like a D-list actor, talks like one, usually has a degree from some “famous” university, hasn’t worked outside politics and is totally oblivious to the needs or mindsets of those they claim to represent. These parasites, if anything, detest the very people they claim to represent. They spent all their waking hours sucking up to rich people and corporation who will give them more of that sweet cash, insider deals or profitable sinecures.

Photorealism Leads to Inferior Video Games

To understand what I am getting at, we have to talk about the difference between viewing a collection of objects using binocular vision and doing the same for flat pictures. In a real 3D environment, our eyes and brain can isolate an object from the background using a combination of stereoscopic information, innate pattern recognition and a number of other processing tricks which our brains have mastered through the process of evolution. But this works only in a full and real 3D environment.

A Quick Comparison of Zionism and Nazism

For starters, Nazis wore much better-looking uniforms and were far more photogenic. They actually made evil and genocide look fashionable. Nazis were also far more honest and open about how they really felt about “lesser races”. When they went genocidal, they did so without pretending to be the “real” victim. WW2 was also responsible for the development of many technologies that would revolutionize the world after the war ended. There is a reason we still make movies and videogames about Nazis in 2023.


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