Links to Other Blog: Feb 13, 2024

Here are links to some posts on the other ‘Safe-for-Work’ Blog.

What if Joe Biden Dies Before 2024 Election?

But why do I think that Joe Biden’s physical condition is poor, other than because of his frequent stumbles while climbing stairs and multiple public instances of cognitive problems? It comes down to his medical history.. specifically the long-term effects of two extensive neurosurgical procedures in the late 1980s to repair two major cerebral aneurysms. The very short version is that major neuro-surgical procedures often result in residual brain damage similar to other forms of head trauma, manifesting decades later in the form of accelerated cognitive dysfunction.

The IDF Has Been Exposed as a Mediocre Army

But it get worse.. just look the level of rank inflation among the IDF. How do you promote someone to positions of Major, Major General, Lieutenant Colonel etc with barely a few years of service? Even the American army in its current state of decay, tries to make sure that people promoted to their positions have a decent amount of relevant experience before promoting them. Which wars have these people experienced or distinguished themselves in? Which conflicts have their special forces participated, in recent memory?

Is the DNC Trolling Voters by Running Biden?

Biden is not an exception in the Democratic party, as there are multiple recent instances of similar political figures staying on in spite of severe mental and physical decline- recent famous examples include Diane Feinstein, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and even Nancy Pelosi. I will conceded that while Republicans also have some very old people in politics, but they are noticeably fewer as a percentage and in better general health. It is also no secret that this unwillingness by Democrats to push such people out of office has cost them in their ability to govern effectively.


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