Links to Other Blog: May 30, 2024

Here are links to some posts on the other ‘Safe-for-Work’ Blog.

Why Online Dating has Always been a ShitShow

Their long lists of must-haves and deal-breakers would not survive a real life interaction- even in the snootiest singles bar. We cannot also forget that the ease of hitting on women online lets many more men do that to mediocre and borderline ugly/undesirable women. As a result, even the most pathetic woman with nothing to offer starts to believe that there is no shortage of handsome men willing to have a relationship with her. Of course, this is not real and her online suitors are just in it for the chance to score some easy pussy- as it is more impersonal and anonymous than hooking up at a nightclub.

Popular Entertainment Requires Mass Media

In the era before online streaming (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ etc) or video social media sites (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok etc) became popular, the only way to reach a mass audience was via TV (network or cable) and radio. Since there were far fewer channels and stations, there was fierce competition for access to their time slots and bandwidth. Furthermore, these outlets were also interested in ensuring that their products had the widest audience. Consequently, a dozen or two dozen shows usually competed for each spot. There were tons of failed pilots and shows with only a few episodes which were taken off the air if they generated an underwhelming audience response.

Theory for post-2021 Fast Food Price Inflation

But there is a different and much better theory for how dumb government responses in 2020/2021 set off a chain of events which caused the current situation in fast-food industry. It starts with how governments (esp in USA, Canada, UK etc) preferentially shut down small business, including non-chain and family-owned restaurants, while allowing corporate chains to remain open in their ineffectual attempts to stop the “pandemic”. Many small restaurants closed thus temporarily increasing the volume of customers who ended up at fast food outlets. Then the parasites, aka MBAs, running these large chains realized that they could fleece their customers out of more money by offering delivery through services such as UberEats and DoorDash.


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