Links to Other Blog: Jan 7, 2020

Here are links to a few recent posts about recent idiotic actions by Trump in the Middle-East, specifically the likely aftermath and reprisals for Soleimani’s assassination.

More Thoughts on Trump’s Latest Idiotic Move to Start a War with Iran

While it is a foregone conclusion that Iran will now target american soldiers and mercenaries in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan etc- we should not forget their native support staff. See.. for each american solider or mercenary, there are probably 5-20 local people who support their presence. It certainly helps that targeting the ‘help’ would be far more easier, and rewarding, for Iran.

Very few people are willing to make an extra buck if such a gig comes with a reduced life-expectancy for themselves and their families. This outcome is especially likely in Iraq and Afghanistan, where there is no shortage of other locals (proxies) who hate those who work for whatever is left of the american occupation. Readers might have noticed that most of the possible actions Iran might take in response to Soleimani assassination are not conventional warfare.

Some Thoughts on Trump’s Latest Idiotic Move to Start a War with Iran

The most significant, but almost ignored, consequence of this stupid move by Trump and his neocon advisers is that Iran is now definitely going to acquire nuclear weapons and ICBMs. As mentioned in a previous post, the main reason for Iranian government to not go down the route taken by North Korea took was that a significant number of them believed that some sort of long-term peace deal with USA was possible.

However developments in past three years have clearly shown that Kim Jong-un’s plan to acquire nuclear weapons and ICBMs which could reliably target american cities for the purpose of deterrence was the correct one. In contrast, the LIEbral faction within the Iranian government which wanted better relations with the “west” even if doing so meant capping their nuclear and missile ambitions have been shown to be wrong.

Very Quick Thoughts on Trump’s Latest Idiotic Move in the Middle-East

The ideal situation, as far as Iran is concerned, is for USA to attack it without significant preparation (troops on ground) and not expect a serious response. But once they do attack Iran, expect it to systematically target and destroy Saudi and UAE ports, oil storage installations, pipelines, desalination plants, brine-pumping plants etc. Iran wants to cause enough damage to shut down the oil output of those countries for at least a few months. And they have enough cruise and ballistic missiles with the requisite range and accuracy to pull that off.


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Amateur Cheeky BJs: Jan 5, 2020

Amateur cuties stuffing their cheeks.

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2D Spanking Art: Dec 25, 2019

Colored toon art of cuties getting spanked by naughtygirls.

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Amateur Bedroom Selfies: Dec 25, 2019

Amateurs talking selfies in their bedrooms.

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Amateur Xmas Cuties: Dec 24, 2019

Amateur cuties posing with Xmas trees.

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2D Spanking Toons: Dec 12, 2019

2D art of spanked cuties rubbing their reddened behinds.

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Busty Amateur Selfies: Dec 7, 2019

Busty amateur cuties taking selfies.

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Links to Other Blog: Dec 6, 2019

Here are links to a few recent posts giving some background on the Jeffrey Epstein story and why he almost certainly did not kill himself.

New Investigation of Jeffrey Epstein is More Problematic for Democrats

Which brings us the next question.. why did so many rich and powerful people hang around and party with him for decades? Was Epstein such a great conversationalist, party host or did he offer them something else in return? While it is tempting to believe that he had enough money to bribe multiple presidents, prime-ministers, famous media figures etc, that is unlikely. Investing money for them or procuring underage teen girls for sex are far better explanations for his popularity with the rich and famous.

Some Thoughts on Jeffrey Epstein’s Interactions with Teenage Girls

How was willingly giving BJs to Epstein for lots of money any worse than working at Walmart? How was willingly having sex with him for money more degrading than working at Amazon or a subcontractor for FakeBook and Google? Why was willingly having sex with him for money any more nauseating than being on the staff at the mansion or luxury yacht of some rich asshole? How was sucking of Epstein for money more dehumanizing than working at a call center? How was jerking him off any more disgusting than working for internet click-bait mills such as BuzzFeed.

Initial Thoughts on Jeffrey Epstein’s Suicide While Under Suicide Watch

I was therefore not surprised when, earlier today, the news of Epstein’s suicide in jail while under suicide-watch started making the round on Twitter. It is very clear that too many famous and “powerful” people had a lot to lose if his case went to trial and resulted in the disclosure of even more evidence. In fact, this particular turn of events was predicted by many people on Twitter since the day he was re-arrested in NYC just over a month ago.

A Recent Clip of Senator Kennedy talking about Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

I came across this interesting clip, from two days ago, of Senator Kennedy (R-LA) at a Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing. The punchline is: “Christmas ornaments, drywall and Jeffrey Epstein – name three things that don’t hang themselves”. And yes.. the clip is on the YT channel of C-SPAN. I am sure that many of you are eager to express your thoughts on this topic.

Assorted Joe Rogan Show Clips: Jeffrey Epstein Did Not Kill Himself..

By now, most of you have heard some version of the “Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself” meme. I myself recently posted a video showing a Senator making that point at Judiciary Committee oversight hearing. Over the past few weeks, I noticed that Joe Rogan is repeatedly bringing up this topic with multiple guests on his show. Here are a couple of clips.


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Amateur Cuties on the Bed: Nov 30, 2019

Slim amateur cuties posing ass-up on the bed.

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Amateur Pierced Selfies: Nov 27, 2019

Amateur cuties with piercings taking selfies.

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