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Here are links to some posts on the other ‘Safe-for-Work’ Blog.

Career Networking Simply Does Not Work for Most People

So what does all of this mean? Investing too much time in career networking is wasteful unless you are doing it almost full time. Please note that I am not telling people to be anti-social or shun everyone. It just that one has to be realistic about what can be achieved through networking and it is a good idea to not base your entire career plans on being successful at career networking.

False Consciousness, Self Image and Women in Western Countries

The tasteless answer is that the vast majority of people simply accumulate whatever external beliefs they are exposed to, beginning from early childhood, and try to arrange it into something which looks flattering. This is why most people build their identity around corporate brands of everything from food, clothes, music, sports teams, cars etc. And it doesn’t stop with commercial brands. Considerations such as popular mythology about race, ethnicity etc are also central to this false consciousness and sense of ‘self’.

Liberalism is Entirely Based in Status Posturing

They somehow become strong and vocal supporters of any idea or ideology which is presented as fashionable and “respectable”. That is how the same person supports the Black Lives Matter movement, transing and mutilating children, ineffective masks and vaccines for COVID-19, support for the war in Ukraine and any new belief system that comes out of NGOs, think tanks and ivy-league universities. And this pattern is not new.

The Connection Between “Crime” and Hope

‘Crime’ rates in USA were high during the 1960s-1990s because those who committed ‘crimes’ still had high hopes of a better future. Similarly the high rates of ‘crimes’ in South- and Central- American countries should be seen as an expression of faith in the future viability of those societies. It is, therefore, no accident that low-crime societies like Japan, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden etc are also full of people who have fully absorbed the ideology of materialism in their lives and have no hope for a better future.

Wealth is Largely Decided by Luck and Chance

Wealth, but especially extreme wealth, is largely decided by luck and chance. It helps to be hard working, smart and shrewd to make full use of the opportunities provided by fortune. But for every person who makes it big, there are probably a dozen or more just as capable, who end up far less successful than the lucky one who managed to hit the jackpot.


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