Links to Other Blog: Oct 29, 2023

Here are links to some posts on the other ‘Safe-for-Work‘ Blog.

Dumb Government Crackdown on Prescription Opioids is Real Cause of Fentanyl Crisis

Isn’t it odd that the rate of overdoses and use for three different types of drugs would start going up at around the same time. What could have caused this coincidence? Here is a clue- government regulations and policies in response to the prescription opioid “crisis” along with crackdowns on small-scale meth labs in USA made it much harder to divert prescription opioids and stimulants in this country. The demand however kept on growing and was promptly met by drug labs in China and Mexico who started making synthetic opioids and stimulants on an industrial scale.

Initial Thoughts on the Israeli-Palestinian War

As mentioned previously, this conflict has also exposed the fragility and vulnerability of that country- while simultaneously shattering the carefully cultivated myth of competence and invincibility. Right now, other than its air-force and few dozen nukes, Israel does not have a internal capability to resist a competent adversary such as Iran. It is now almost totally dependent on continued American military support to have a fighting chance in any serious conflict- especially in the future.

Why Nations, Institutions and Systems Prefer to Collapse than Reform

Let us move on to China, or more precisely the century of humiliation, imposed upon it from around 1850-1950. Why did China of that era, also, never seriously try to copy the West- let alone beat it at its game? As it turns out- the reasons for their failure are almost identical to those seen in India at that time. While the previous history and underlying circumstances were somewhat different, we see the same patterns of behavior and general unwillingness to reform. And this was also the case in Japan, before 1853, and Korea.. well.. pretty much every other Asian country which fell victim to western colonialism.


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