Links to Other Blog: Jan 16, 2024

Here are links to some posts on the other ‘Safe-for-Work’ Blog.

Houthi Blockade of Red Sea Exposes Ongoing American Decline

As it turns out, it is the Houthis who are laughing now as they were able to hit and harass enough Israel bound and western owned ships to make the majority of large cargo ships take the much longer route to Europe by following the coastline of Africa. The few container ships still using the Suez Canal via Read Sea now openly advertise that they not bound for Israel or not owned by western companies. This has occurred despite all the guarantees made by USA and UK to protect cargo shops as they transit that chokepoint near the mouth of Red Sea.

Male Actors Used to Look Far More Masculine

Another line of evidence supporting the idea that men in western countries look less masculine than their counterparts from even a couple of decades ago. This becomes obvious when you start looking at clips of older TV shows and movies on YouTube. Don’t believe me? Try looking at clips of older TV shows (from even as late as 1990s and early 2000s) and it is hard to ignore that the male actors in them just look more obviously masculine than their counterparts in similar films and shows today.

Main Character Syndrome and Modern Women

My point is that ‘main character syndrome’ aka contemporary narcissism has been the default mindset of most women in western countries for a few decades now. We can certainly come up with all sorts of theories and explanations for why they behave like that and what is the precise mix of socio-economic conditions which facilitated this shift. My favorite theory involves women in West internalizing the value system of neoliberalism, something I have briefly touched on in a couple of older posts.


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