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Here are links to some posts on the other ‘Safe-for-Work’ Blog.

Some Thoughts on the Medium-Term Effects of Israel-Palestinian Conflict

As it turns out, there was once another apartheid state with a few nuclear weapons and many western backers which is no longer around. Sure.. there is still a nation state known as ‘South Africa’ which is the successor of its apartheid-era namesake. But it is a rather different place, both in terms of who runs it and their demographic profile. To make a long story short, the previously dominant racist white minority is now just another minority and many have left for other countries such as UK, Australia, Canada and USA. The point I am trying to make is that having nuclear weapons might protect you from a conventional war but it cannot protect your system from falling apart.

Ongoing Decline of Manufacturing Competence in Western Countries

So how did we reach the point where USA can only manufacture a thousand 155 mm shells per day whereas Russia produces at least 10 times that amount of its 152 mm equivalent? And why do basic 155 mm shells cost over 10-20 times more than their Russian 152 mm equivalent though both shells are rather similar in size, weight, range etc? Also, why does the main American plant making them look so run down and staffed by workers who look suspiciously close to retirement, in sharp contrast to the Russian factories churning them out. If this was an isolated incident, we could look past it but this is only the tip of iceberg.

Democratic Party Lacks Good Solutions for the Joe Biden Situation

While some “experts” confidently claim that Donald Trump would lose against a generic Democratic candidate- the reality is that such a generic democratic presidential candidate does not exist- at least on the national level. Furthermore, unlike 2008 or 2012, external characteristics such as race or sex are no loner enough to guilt voters into supporting them at the ballot box, on the national level. The simple fact is that every potential democratic presidential candidate at the national level is a polarizing figure supporting even more polarizing and unpopular policies- and this include Michelle Obama. Irrespective of what happens next, the menu of choices for the Democratic party is bad.


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